Social Media Mistakes - 12 Things To Avoid On Facebook Christopher Finke, a developer of Netscape, made news when he published the rogue Digg Top One Hundred Users List. The removal of the list and the reasons were announced February 1, 2007 by Kevin Rose. Some believe this action to be mean spirited, others believe that his employer Netscape is behind this move. Christopher Finke agreed to a quick interview with me to help make public the facts, and hopefully to quiet some of the nay-sayers. The other interesting developmenton this story is a poll being conducted on Cincinnati's Local 12 Patrick Mahony, WKRC. The poll asks "Do you favor the ending the collective bargaining rights of public unions?" As of right now, the poll is 40.2% for and 59.8% against. If you live in the Greater Cincinnati area and do not want to see the rights of police and fire slowly slip away, let your voice be heard and vote in the poll. Or, on the other hand, if you are a labor buster no matter what union is being talked about your voice can also be heard until 11 p.m. tonight. Do a little homework. Do some research in your area of interest. Start by asking yourself these questions. Does this company supply the products of your interests? Does the compensation plan satisfy you? what about the training the company offers? How much do you know about the primary owners? Is the pay out period weekly or monthly? Once you establish a satisfactory answer to each of these questions, it is then time to make your decision to commit to the company and work steadily towards reaching your financial goals. Aerobics is the COPD symptoms killer of the group. It builds lean muscle Mahony Patrick mass while improving breathing and blood-oxygen levels. It not only can get your heart moving but can keep it ticking at a healthy high pace for 30 or more minutes without you getting bored. Another added bonus with this exercise genre is you gain flexibility when preforming it. This is one of the most superb exercises for sufferers of COPD. Send press releases out twice a month or more frequently. Don't sit around waiting for creative information to come to you. Go to the web and research the top stories that are being sought out. Figure out how to tie your business to the top stories and create a press release. You can say that your email contains content that will teach them tips and methods on certain topics. In this case you would want to use the following keywords and keyword phrases: "How to;" "tips;" "Guides to;" "Methods" or anything else like that. There are several items that you can implement in order to be found by your target market that you can add over time. The 5 items above will give you a great start and allow you to start driving traffic and establishing your web presence quickly.
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